Commercial law and business disputes

Our lawyers holding active practice in the sphere of commercial law are remarkable for deep knowledge of regulatory structure of commercial activity, as well as law of taxation, accounting, currency and customs. Our company specialists have rich practice in drawing up commercial contracts, legal consulting, holding negotiations with contractors and participation in disputes cognizance.

Lawyers of UNEKS agency also exercise protection of their clients’ interests in courts of arbitration, courts of referees and regular courts in questions related with current business activity, that is in particular:

  • on disputes resulting from failure or improper execution of contracts by contractors;
  • on recognition voidable contracts invalid and application of consequences of their invalidity, application of consequences of void contracts invalidity;
  • recovery of damages caused by actions of citizens, economic agents, as well as illegal activity (inactivity) of state bodies and local authorities;
  • judicial remedy in terms of acquisition, ownership and disposition of property;
  • representation in cases of declaration of inconsistency (bankruptcy) on all stages of bankruptcy process;
  • guarding rights to intellectual property;
  • recognition of illegitimacy of state bodies decisions;
  • on disputes related with dwelling and other civil construction investment contracts;
  • on housing disputes;
  • On disputes in the sphere of protection of consumers legislation and many other issues.
Within the framework of judicial protection of our clients we execute as follows:
  • preparation of materials for commencement of action, collection of evidence, preparation of plaint notes;
  • ensure interests of clients in regular courts and arbitration courts before adjudgement becomes res judicata;
  • drawing up complaints to effective and ineffective adjudgement and representation of legal entities in courts of appeal, cassation and supervisory instances;
  • legal groundwork of court enforcement action;
  • development of recommended practice for civil and arbitration cases conduct. Besides, we render services on pre-trial settlement of business disputes, and negotiate with contractors, represent legal entities in agencies of public authority and jurisdiction.

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