Protection of intellectual property

Effectuation of solely rights to intellectual property is related with expert application of rights and their protection from infringement.

Solely rights to Intellectual property may be used in three directions:

  • Personal use of Intellectual property at one’s discretion;
  • Issue of permissions to use Intellectual property to third parties;
  • Ban to use Intellectual property by third parties.

One should take into consideration the fact that IP legal protection does not close out the possibility of infringement when using those legal objects of other possessors of right. The necessity in protection of rights to Intellectual property (IP) arises in cases of their infringement by the third parties in relation with illegal use of copyrightable matters and in some other cases.

Complex approach to use and protection of solely rights to Intellectual property guarantees the effectiveness of their use.

Services in the sphere of intellectual property use and protection:

  • Consultancies in Intellectual property legislation.
  • Individual strategy and tactics development for intellectual property use and protection.
  • Preparation of draft contracts of transfer of solely rights for intellectual property and their registration in authorized agencies.
  • Assistance in discovery of intellectual property illegal use on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Consultations in terms of protection and piracy of intellectual property in case of unfair competition
  • Preparation and filing of exception to Chamber for Patent disputes.
  • Representation in Chamber for Patent disputes.
  • Representation in Federal anti-monopoly service, including disputing of orders.
  • Extrajudicial settlement of claims in anticipation of an action in the court in case of infringement of solely rights to intellectual property.
  • Preparation of materials for bringing a case before the court.
  • Representation in court.

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