Real estate transactions support and registration

UNEKS legal aid agency offers the whole complex of services on registration and full legal support of real estate transactions. Out object is large-scale provision and protection of client’s interests.

Call our specialists and you will have a guaranteed positive result. The experience we’ve gained in interaction with state agencies allows us promptly solve problems of registration of rights to real estate objects in favour of our clients.

We offer an effective representation of your interests in all competent organizations and establishments of RT and RF, including Main administration of federal registration service of RF in RT, agencies of Technical Inventory, land cadastre service and in other state agencies.

Our specialists will render assistance in registration of rights to land plots and other real estate objects.

We offer wide range of services in following scopes:

  • Consultations on procedure, terms and timing of state registration of rights to real estate and transactions with it, of general requirements and list of documents essential for registration and their drawing up;
  • Legal due diligence of set of documents for registration;
  • Preparation and execution of all documents required for a transaction;
  • Order and reception of required documents in agencies of technical inventory (explications, floor plans, extracts, references and so on), compilation of draft contracts of purchase and sale, exchange, lease and other contracts as per requirements of law of the Russian federation and the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • Seeking approvals for acquisition of land in various state and municipal agencies;
  • Assistance in cadastre registration of land plot (land survey, land division, approval of land boundaries, reception of cadastre documents and so on );
  • Services on registration of land category transfer;
  • Representation of client’s interests in Main administration of federal registration service of RF in RT in terms of rights to immovable property and transactions herewith (drawing up and filing of applications, correspondence on disputable matters, submission and reception of documents).
Please don’t hesitate to contact Fargat Shakirov in issues related with real estate transactions

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