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UNEKS entered the Top10 ranking of Russian law companies ratings ranked legal agency «UNEKS» in the top 10 Russian law companies; improving its position compared to the previous year, thus confirming professionalism, relevance and reputation of the leading company in the Volga Region and the Republic of Tatarstan. Law firms ranking was made by « -300» by the end of 2012 and the base of it was the complex of financial and statistical indicators. Among them: profit and revenue of the company, the number of professional staff, revenue per lawyer, the analysis of large and important projects implemented in the company, the number of references in the media, feedback from colleagues and partners.
In general, the situation in the Russian legal market «» portal analytics and journalists of the newspaper «Vedomosti» evaluated: «well, since most of the revenue of Moscow and some international companies increased by 9, 4%. However, by the end of 2012 the situation has changed: the Russian economy has entered a zone of stagnation».
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