Licenses and accreditations

Currently UNEKS has the following licenses, certificates and accreditation:

  • license to work using information classified as state secret;

  • a certificate of registration under the Non-Profit Partnership «РООPartnership» № 79926.02.2006;

  • a certificate of accreditationunder the Russian Society of Appraisers№ 0865/16-1111/0626.02.06;

  • a certificate to provide appraisal services in Non-Profit Partnership «Partnership to promote the activity of firms accredited by the Russian Society of Appraisers»26.11.2011;

  • accreditation in EuroRus, as consulting and methodological center, for counseling in the field of certification in accordance to the requirements of GOST P40.003-2005 quality management system (ISO 9001); GOST Р ISO 14001-2007 Environmental Management System(ISO 14001); GOST-2002 P 12.0.006OSH management system and safety(OHSAS18000); GOST P 40.003-2005, GOST P 14001-2007, GOST P 12.0.006-2002(Integrated Management Systems);

  • accreditation as an evaluation company in the Agency of Housing Mortgage Lending;

  • accreditation as an evaluation company in the Center of Housing Mortgages».

  • UNEKS completes contracts under orders in the following organizations: Territorial Department of Rosimushestvo in the Republic of Tatarstan; Department of the Federal Bailiff Service of the Republic of Tatarstan; Municipal public institution «Committee of Land and Property Relations of Kazan»; Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan;

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