Chulpan Insurance company OJSC

First Deputy Director General Farit Shakirov

Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant JSC

Director General Aleksei Konturov

Almetyevsk pipe plant OJSC

Chief accountant Elena Burenina

Tatelectromontazh OJSC

First Deputy Director General Ivan Soluyanov

Tatstroy OJSC

Financial Director Dmitriy Malkov

Chelny-khleb OJSC

Chief accountant Rezeda Khamidullina
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Licenses and accreditations

Currently UNEKS has the following licenses, certificates and accreditation:

  • license to work using information classified as state secret;

  • a certificate of registration under the Non-Profit Partnership Partnership 79926.02.2006;

  • a certificate of accreditationunder the Russian Society of Appraisers 0865/16-1111/0626.02.06;

  • a certificate to provide appraisal services in Non-Profit Partnership Partnership to promote the activity of firms accredited by the Russian Society of Appraisers26.11.2011;

  • accreditation in EuroRus, as consulting and methodological center, for counseling in the field of certification in accordance to the requirements of GOST P40.003-2005 quality management system (ISO 9001); GOST ISO 14001-2007 Environmental Management System(ISO 14001); GOST-2002 P 12.0.006OSH management system and safety(OHSAS18000); GOST P 40.003-2005, GOST P 14001-2007, GOST P 12.0.006-2002(Integrated Management Systems);

  • accreditation as an evaluation company in the Agency of Housing Mortgage Lending;

  • accreditation as an evaluation company in the Center of Housing Mortgages».

  • UNEKS completes contracts under orders in the following organizations: Territorial Department of Rosimushestvo in the Republic of Tatarstan; Department of the Federal Bailiff Service of the Republic of Tatarstan; Municipal public institution Committee of Land and Property Relations of Kazan; Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan;

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